Brunnera macrophylla - Siberian Bugloss


Brunnera - This is a very attractive shade garden perennial that can become a groundcover.  Somewhat heart shaped fuzzy leaves and vivid light blue flowers in mid spring. Prefers loose, moist, well drained soil. Protect from the hottest afternoon sun and increase your watering when temps exceed 90°. Deer resistant.

B. macrophylla - Light blue flowers in early April, evergreen to 12" tall.

B. macrophylla ‘variegata’ - Just like the species except the foliage has a thin, irregular white border. Has a tendency to revert back to green which should be removed.


‘Alexander’s Great’ – This is a 2013 Terra Nova introduction that looks like a ‘Jack Frost’ on steroids. It is said to get 18” tall and 30” wide.

‘Dawson’s White’ – Probably best described as a white leaf with some green along the midrib. Leaves may be 30-80% white. Subject to late summer scald if not well protected and watered.

‘Diane’s Gold’ – This is a cultivar with chartreuse foliage, to 12”.  Holds color well in the shade.

‘Emerald Mist’ – Green midrib and veins with silver between the veins and a light silver sheen.

‘Hadspen Cream’ – Brighter green leaves than variegate and with a thin, irregular creamy white edge.

'Jack Frost’ - Light blue flowers, entire leaf is frosted white with green veins, 12" tall.

‘Jack of Diamonds’ – Very large leaves up to 10” wide, otherwise very similar to ‘Jack Frost’. A Proven Winners® item.

‘King’s Ransom’ – This is a sport of ‘Jack Frost’ that has, in addition to the silvery white leaf, a creamy white irregular border.

‘Looking Glass’ – Large 5” nearly pure white leaves with a thin green margin and veins, to 14”.

‘Queen of Hearts’ – Very similar to ‘Jack of Diamonds’ except the leaves are slightly more silver. A Proven Winners® item.

‘Sea Heart’ - This is a much improved ‘Jack Frost’. It blooms earlier and the flowers emerge both white and blue aging to purple. Probably the most heat tolerate of all the Brunnera.

‘Silver Heart’ – Very thin green edge and veins on silver foliage and scorch resistant.

‘Sterling Silver’ – This is an improved ‘Looking Glass’. Leaves are 50% larger, it has improved vigor and heat tolerance.